Finally: Get The Practice You Have Always Wanted and Eliminate the Dependence on Insurance Companies with a Sustainable, Growing, Practice Built with the Right Systems and Processes….
At the World’s #1 Rated Physical Therapy Business Conference In San Diego on October 6, 7 and 8

As Insurance Companies Find New Ways to Drain the Lifeblood From Private Practices, A New Breed of Thriving Practice Owners Will Have Their Best Year Ever...

Let’s face it.

Payers keep changing the rules, and we’re getting paid less.

Higher copays, more clinical documentation, endless authorizations and growing denials.

The result - your bottom line shrinks with each passing day, as patient visits drop due to higher co-pays, while you are trapped in a quagmire of dwindling reimbursements and ever-rising costs.

And for those who are not prepared, it’s going to get worse.

Physician referral sources are drying up as more and more physicians shut their doors, no longer able to compete with the corporate-based healthcare giants, or are bought out by hospital conglomerates.

And if that wasn’t enough…

It doesn’t matter whether you did or didn’t (vote for him), your practice now exists in the Trump Era, where rapid policy changes are no longer the exception, but occur at the blink of an eye.

And unfortunately, those changes will impact your practice and the community it serves, in some cases, detrimentally.

The dramatic shift towards regulations designed to favor big business (corporate healthcare) over small to medium businesses (like your practice), is happening now.

What can YOU do about it?

The Good News…

As a private practice owner, you have an opportunity to protect the future of what you have worked so hard over the years to build.

You have an opportunity to get the knowledge, automated systems, tactics and resources that can help you to build a successful practice that is no longer at the mercy of insurance companies and corporate-based healthcare giants, or Trump Era legislation.

It’s time for you to take the reins of your clinic’s future firmly back in your hands.

There’s never been a more urgent time for you to do everything within your power to secure the financial and personal freedom that you deserve and desire, for yourself and your loved ones.

That’s what successful people do - they grab the bull by the horns. In fact, the most successful private practice owners across the country today share one common trait…

They are proactive about acquiring the knowledge, tactics and resources that work. They don’t try uncertain, misguided “see what sticks” tactics, which are the hallmark of struggling, or failing practices, drowning in their own fear-driven clinical cultures.

Transform YOUR Private Practice with Business Systems and Marketing Techniques That Will Show You How to Cast Off the Chains of Insurance Companies and Physician Dependency.

Discover The Blueprint For Private Practice Success At The Private Practice Summit 2017 in San Diego

In San Diego on October 6, 7 and 8...Experience Three Game-Changing Days Filled To The Brim With NEW Presentations…

San Diego Summit 2017 will take you beneath the surface, to reveal the 'ninja' strategies and tactics that will set the stage for the unprecedented success of your clinic, while empowering you to transform from a "clinician" into an "owner".

Truly successful private practices are created, grown and secured by their elite owners not through guesswork, but by:

  • Developing systems (that allow them to scale their businesses, while giving them freedom from it.)
  • Having a detailed SOP (standard operating procedure) for each segment of their clinic’s day-to-day operations and staff duties
  • Knowing their metrics (you can’t improve or grow what you haven’t tracked)
  • Learning how other successful practices find, hire and motivate staff (multiple strategies)
  • Utilizing software that fully integrates with scheduling and other critical clinical functions, so that their patients’ before, during and after experience exceeds all expectations.
  • Incorporating billing software that maximizes claim acceptance so that they get paid quicker and more from insurance companies.
  • By “keeping their ears to the ground” – regularly attending industry events to network with other like-minded, successful owners, as well as to learn the latest proven strategies (what’s working now)

Now it’s your turn to make your dream practice a reality...

The Private Practice Summit is For Those Who Need That ‘Edge’ or Even A Reinvention In Their Practice.

If there are some missing pieces to the practice building puzzle that have alluded you, (and kept you awake night-after-night), they no longer have to be a mystery.

If you want to enjoy significant clinical and financial success and have more time and freedom to enjoy life on YOUR terms, then here’s attend the 2017 Private Practice Summit in San Diego.

Attend + Commit to change + Learn from the experience and expertise of others + Implement = Formula to Ascend Your Practice

  • If you are tired of the uncertainty and day-to-day struggles because of unpredictable cash flow and declining reimbursements,
  • If you are frustrated because the 'private practice game' seems to be stacked against you by special interests groups with deep pockets (and the deck appears to be growing larger with each passing day),
  • If you have used the "see what sticks" method for trying to determine just the right mixture in order to create an exceptional patient experience,
  • If you don't have a clear roadmap that leads you away from dependency on physician referrals and the unsympathetic insurance companies,
  • If you feel like a prisoner to your own practice, unable to spend time with family since you are working round the clock to make ends meet
  • If you find it hard to balance your commitment to patients with the needs of a growing business,
  • And if you desire an abundant practice that enriches the lives of both patient and practitioner,

Can you truly afford not to attend San Diego Summit 2017?

Whether it's technology, how we communicate with each other, or the rise of the global marketplace, we are all part of a rapidly evolving world where you can no longer afford to sit back and watch things happen.

Those practices that know how to adapt quickly and have the tools, flexible strategies and responsive systems, will rise and join the top 1% of physical therapy private practices that will thrive in 2017 and beyond.

Listen to your gut…

It's telling you that there's a better, faster, more proven method for creating the private practice you've always wanted.

Step back for a second, and imagine a new reality.

Visualize your dream that maximizes quality of care and generates multiple income that creates sustainable security, profitability and a legacy for you and your loved ones...NOW MAKE IT HAPPEN.

Your clinic deserves a proactive owner. The time for sitting on the sidelines is over.

Seats Are Limited For This Mecca Event. Register Now For San Diego Summit 2017 October 6, 7, 8… Or Risk Your Competitor Attending.

San Diego Summit 2017 will be a fast-track, sure-fire event that will dramatically increase the possibility of success for your private practice.

It is the Mecca event where private practice owners who are systematically experiencing MASSIVE success in their private practices (generating multiple streams of income), will share their powerful, unconventional tactics and strategies.

Also, you will discover methods to help you to create a motivated staff dedicated to a unified clinical culture, as well as way improve the way you manage your patients' experience (and how to exceed their expectations).

This is an event where YOU would get every "gem" and every "nugget" of proven, cutting-edge, profit-boosting business strategies handed to you on a silver platter.

This will be an intense, immersive experience where you interact with the speakers, get your burning questions answered and learn new strategies to IMMEDIATELY implement and grow your practice.

What You Can Expect to Get at the 2017 Private Practice Summit...

  • How to create a SOP that will be the operating backbone of your clinic allowing you to quickly scale your practice
  • How to market a successful cash-based program - unfortunately only a small number of private practices know how to market their programs to their patients (or the right segment of patients), so that their cash-based programs consistently perform, allowing them to cast off the chains of insurance and physician dependency for survival.
  • How systems give you the freedom to work on your practice instead of in it. (A truly successful practice is one in which you can pull yourself out of the fabric of your practice).
  • How to test and tweak your systems to get the maximum patients with minimum investment of time and money
  • How the right software can skyrocket your success, (or the lack of it will keep your practice struggling for years to come).
  • How to become the undisputed private practice expert in your area (you will get my step by step formula)
  • How to acquire the success mindset
  • How to build a reputation of being the A-list physical therapist in your community
  • How to position yourself as the local expert in the community so that potential patients/clients have NO CHOICE but to participate in your cash-based program
  • How to strategies for using social media, newsletters and blogging to drum up endless new patients month after month

San Diego Summit 2017 Will Be Like No Other Event...

This event will empower you to look at your practice in a new light. We believe with 100% certainty that no other event can bring you this caliber of proven, real-world information from private practice owners and experts who are actually working on their businesses to create more security and prosperity from themselves and their loved ones.

Don't expect carefully scripted speeches or a polished talk with few practical nuggets. These are high-energy action-takers who are ready to give you the unvarnished truth for clinical and professional success and they WILL NOT hold anything back. Be ready to take notes, to network, to laugh, and to work hard.

See you in October!




100 participants


17 sessions


250 speakers


19 hours

100 seats remaining. Don’t hesitate, book your place right now

Register Now

our speakers

Learn proven methods of success from real practice owners and business builders. Our speakers will teach you tested methodologies and tactics to help you to find and implement the right software, systems, vendors, and staff. Join us at Private Practice Summit 2017 San Diego and surround yourself with success-minded practice owners who will guide you on the path toward your practice's goals.


As private practice owners, we need to plan for the future and learn how to promote ourselves, how to lead, and how to diversify income.

The old days are gone, and the tide has turned. Rising copays, sky-high deductibles, increasing audits, HIPAA violations and ICD-10 are the tip of the iceberg. The Medicare crackdown (therapy caps, FLG codes, PQRS, manual medical review) is going to be emulated by other payers, leading to lower payments and higher operating costs. Higher patient copays are resulting in a higher cancellation / no show rates.

Do you read a book? Attend an event? Hire a consultant? Get some software? And how are you supposed to find time for all this, when you're trying to run a practice and deal with the day-to-day stuff?

Private Practice summit 2017 will forever change the landscape of your private practice.

Private Practice Summit Sand Diego is a precise blueprint for marketing, documentation and billing. Private Practice Summit will teach owners and staff members to lead with power, conviction, clarity, and authenticity, the factors that make you (and your practice) legendary, iconic, and transformational.

Private Practice summit is insightful, intense and immersive. It starts at 9 am on Friday and ends at 12.30 pm on Sunday.


The Pioneers in Practice Building bring you The Biggest Opportunity Yet...

or almost 7 years, the team at Private Practice Summit has conducted events for private practice owners. Now more than ever, with the rapidly changing landscape of the physical therapy industry as a whole, private practice owners need the services, products and tools that you have to offer. Private Practice Summit attracts influential decision makers, consumers and buyers that need to (and want to) hear about your products and services.

Until now, your only stage has been ‘large scale’ industry events where you are jostling with other vendors for attention. That ends withPrivate Practice Summit, where only a handful of partners will be accepted. We invite you to discover just how the opportunity to partner with Private Practice Summit will truly be a different experience.

Click here to schedule a call to discuss partnering with Private Practice Summit.



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  • Full Access + Handouts
  • Breakfast Included



  • Full Access + Handouts
  • Breakfast Included
  • Full Access For Guest



  • Full Access + Handouts
  • Breakfast Included
  • Full Access For Both Guests
  • Private Strategy Session
  • Bringing More Guests? Click Here



1. Can I talk to someone if I have questions before I register?

Of course! You can call us at 973-200-6797 or you can click here to schedule a call with us if you have specific questions about the content and speakers.

2. What is the cost to bring guests and staff members and what is the VIP upgrade?

Yes. You can add as many guests and / or staff members as you like, for a nominal add-on fee of $100 for each staff member. There is no limit to the number of guests you can bring.

If you are bringing more than two guests (for example 5 total guests), then purchase the single attendee + 2 guests package and send an email to stating there are 5 total guests. We will then bill you an additional $300 ($100 add-on guest fee, for each of the additional three guests). We will also send you a receipt. If you purchase the VIP cocktail party upgrade, all your guests can attend the VIP party at no additional charge, and can attend with you. This is a must-attend event and is an exclusive opportunity to network with speakers and VIP attendees. Don't miss it!

Please note - The guest must be a spouse, business partner or employee at the same business to qualify for this add-on guest price. If one business has multiple employees at different locations, all employees qualify for the add-on price.

If guests are business owners from another practice, they do not qualify for the add-on guest price. They will need to register separately and they can bring their own guests.

We reserve the right to verify that your guest is a spouse, business partner or employee. We also reserve the right to deny entry to the event for any person, in which case the registration fee will be refunded in full.

3. Will the event teach me how to get more patients?

Absolutely! During this event we will take you step-by-step through the EXACT strategies and tactics that will make your private practice successful - from marketing and documentation to billing. You'll discover how to ignite an endless flood of patients to grow your practice with specific low cost strategies you can implement right away.

You will learn how to get more patients, how to convert more prospects into patients, how to improve your patients retention rate greatly, how to increase revenue while working less so you can enjoy your family and life, and other secrets and strategies from highly successful private practice owners.

These tactics are revolutionary and ground-breaking. They are NOT what you've been hearing at seminars for years.

4. Will I get CEUs for attending the event?

Private Practice Summit 2017, in and of itself, is not approved for CEUs with any states, since we have not applied for CEU approval.

However, attendees have two options to earn CEUs for participation inPrivate Practice Summit:

OPTION 1 – Attendees can attempt to get credits for attending the three day event from the state in which they are licensed by providing proof of attendance and the conference outline. Please be advised that your state may or may not approve the event for CEUs, and this is beyond our control.

All attendees will get a certificate of attendance for Private Practice Summit 2017. Attendees can submit this certificate to the state board but there is no guarantee that attendees will get any credits for attending the event since CEU assignment / approval is at the discretion of the state board. Provide the attendee handbook and the course syllabus inside the handbook as supporting material if needed to get CEUs for attendingPrivate Practice Summit.

OPTION 2 - Private Practice Summit 2017 and the Private Practice Association have partnered with the leader in online CEU education, Medbridge, to provide a discounted annual subscription for $200, regularly $425. All registered attendees (including guests) will be provided with a promo code to setup their own discounted, annual subscription for $200, and gain access to all the benefits of Medbridge. MedBridge provides clinicians and healthcare organizations a comprehensive education platform that includes clinical education, patient education, and home exercise programs to enhance clinical excellence, engage patients, and improve outcomes, all included in one annual subscription. Subscribers get unlimited access to online CEU courses – a growing library of 400+ accredited courses taught by industry-leading professionals, featuring motion graphics, 3D models, and live patient demos, home exercise programs, patient education portal, library of orthopedic tests, clinical references and much more.

5. When and where will the event be conducted?

The event will be held at the Andaz San Diego, 600 F Street, San Diego, CA 92101.

6. When do you start and end?

We start at 9:00 am on October 6th and finish the day at 5:00 pm. The same schedule will be in effect for Saturday, October 7th. On Sunday, October 8th, we start at 9:00 am and end at 12:00 pm.

7. Once I sign up, will I get a discount for hotel rooms?

You will receive a confirmation email after you register.

It will contain all the information you need to make travel arrangements and hotel arrangements

We have arranged special discount rooms for attendees.

8. What happens if I am not satisfied with the content from the seminar? Is there some form of guarantee?

Private Practice Summit 2017 is a powerful, intense, immersive three-day experience guaranteed to build and connect the fragments of your business, into a cohesive, well-oiled machine called your practice. We offer an unconditional money back guarantee for attendees.

Simply attend the first two days of the event and notify a staff member if you are not happy with the content by 5 pm on day two, and you will get an immediate, 100% refund of your entire registration fee, no questions asked.

9. What if I register, but am unable to attend the event?

If you are unable to attend the event or a no-show, there are no refunds or substitutions.

We make extensive arrangements for every attendee and seats are limited, so there are no exceptions to this policy. Click here to view our terms of participation and cancellation policy before you register for Private Practice Summit San Diego.